I am a professor of psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. My research interests are in the areas of school based mental, mood disorders across the life span, as well as interpersonal conflict and depressive vulnerability factors. Other interests include the application of item response models and growth curves to the analysis of symptom inventories.


I am also a practising psychotherapist and workshop facilitator for school based mental health and mental health in the workplace.

I am currently teaching Psychometrics (



Adolescent Mental Health. This line of research examined the determents of adolescent help seeking and the impact of mental health and illness on academic achievement and motivation for learning.

MyHealth Magazine. MyHealth Magazine is our mental health literacy program designed for elementary and secondary school students, educators and college students.

Depressive Vulnerability Factors. This line of research examines a new model of depressive vulnerability that emphasizes unmet needs.

Psychometrics. This line of research examines the performance of scales and measures using a variety of advanced psychometric methods, including item response theory.

Scales and Measures.  The Registry of Scales and Measures, www.scalesandmeasures.net, arose out of my monograph on the measurement of depression, which was accompanied by six commentaries and my own rejoinder (all published in Measurement in 2006). The goal of the website was to provide researchers with access all measures on depressive severity, which now exceeds 400. The site has had over 250,000 visits and over 56000 searches, with little or no promotion. Please visit: www.scalesandmeasures.net

Drug Cocktails Website. This Drug Cocktails website was created with the Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia for young people to help them "get the facts" and make safe choices about the medications they take and the effects of mixing their medications with other substances like cigarettes, alcohol and various street drugs.