student academic success and emotional well-being 

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The goal of the Out of Gas Study is to provide schools and individual students with an in-depth analysis of the extent to which students throughout their academic careers utilise and benefit from scientifically-proven skills and strategies that have been shown to foster well-being and enhance academic success.




The Out of Gas Study 

This in-depth survey of social, emotional and learning skills and their impact on student well-being and academic engagement can be initiated by clicking on the button below. 


Participants will be asked for a participation code if they are participating as part of a school or organization, but no participation code is required.  There is no cost to you or your organization to participate. 


Participants may be eligible for ISPR points on Tim Horton's Card Raffle 

For more information about the survey please contact Dr. Darcy Santor at the University of Ottawa. 



About the principal investigator:

Dr. Darcy A. Santor is a practicing clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Ottawa.  He has conducted workshops on mental health for Health Canada and maintains an active clinical practice that focuses on assisting individuals dealing with mental health difficulties in the workplace.  He has published numerous articles on mental health and measurement. He will oversee the analysis and interpretation of the results of this survey.

I would be pleased to discuss the survey and the project with you at your convenience.

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Dr. D. A. Santor
School of Psychology, University of Ottawa