Measuring the health of your workplace

Are you and your organization ready?

The goal of the Mental Health at Work Project is to provide organizations with an individualized “snapshot” of the organizational factors that they may wish to target in making their organizations as healthy and productive as possible.

The Survey

The survey will ask employees and managers about their experiences with the 14 different factors that the Canadian Mental Health Commission has identified as important for mental health in the workplace and examine their impact on employee productivity, stress, retention and well-being. These factors have been developed in response to the significant impact mental health issues are having on the Canadian workforce. Feedback from employees and managers is an invaluable resource for the development of strategies to promote mental health in the workplace them across the country.

There is no cost to you or your organization to participate. 

The 14 factors identified by Canadian Mental Health Commission include the following:  Organizational culture, Psychological and social support, Clear leadership and expectations, Civility and respect, Psychological demands, Growth and development, Recognition and reward, Involvement and influence, Workload management, Engagement, Work-life balance, Psychological protection from harm, Protection of physical safety and Other chronic stressors (as identified by workers).

About the principal investigator:

Dr. Darcy A. Santor is a practicing clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Ottawa.  He has conducted workshops on mental health for Health Canada and maintains an active clinical practice that focuses on assisting individuals dealing with mental health difficulties in the workplace.  He has published numerous articles on mental health and measurement. He will oversee the analysis and interpretation of the results of this survey.

We would be pleased to discuss the survey and the project with you at your convenience. You can contact me at the university ( or through the project (



Dr. D. A. Santor
School of Psychology, University of Ottawa